Dr. Ashlee Jane

I help people to write their stories. This often happens in the form of feeling better in their bodies, updating beliefs, connecting with emotions, and removing obstacles to deep healing. I offer more than a capsule. I walk with you down your own unique healing path.


“I sought Dr. Ashlee’s support in the midst of struggles with miscarriages. I had hormonal imbalances, digestive struggles, and menstrual cycle irregularities when I finally decided to seek more help. Dr. Ashlee listened with care as I described my concerns. I never felt rushed or unheard. She sought to uncover the root of the problem and we started from the ground up. We ran basic blood work and began to work on getting those numbers in more ideal ranges for health and possible pregnancy. I am a physically active person and I am also conscious of my nutrition, so it was surprising to me that I had all of a sudden started feeling so poorly and that I was struggling in these areas at all. The changes did not come overnight, in fact it took nearly a year. All the while, however, I was noticing positive changes – enough to keep me going! Eventually, I felt a larger shift where I noticed feeling better and more hormonally regulated. It was a couple months later that I finally conceived a pregnancy that led to a healthy, happy baby girl! Although it was probably the most challenging time in my life, I thank God for this journey and the many resources I discovered along the way, Dr. Ashlee being one of them! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is tired of their symptoms being dismissed or feeling rushed out of a doctor’s office. She has helped me optimize my health, prepared me and my body for a healthy pregnancy, and continues to offer advice for lactation and general health and well being.”


Super happy with Dr Ashlee Jane. Have been a patient for about 5 months suffering primarily from ongoing hypothyroidism for which Rx medication seems not as effective lately, and severe migraines.

My goal was to find a sustainable way to treat both. Dr Ashlee has been diligent and thorough to find natural treatments to improve both my ailments. For the first time in 9 months, I have gone weeks without a migraine and my hypothyroid symptoms have greatly improved, with no increase in my Rx medication. Her approach has been many faceted: diet (which was already very clean, but her advice improved my symptoms more), natural supplements, and a few lifestyle/sleep tips too.

Although I have been a naturopathic fan for years, here in Boise and in other cities, I was skeptical on the ability to improve my migraines which had become debilitating at 3x/week. Former naturopathic doctors were not successful in migraine help. She did not give up and continued to investigate and be creative. I am so very grateful to her for vastly improving my quality of life. Thank you Dr Ashlee. Highly recommend.


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